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Christopher Patrick Nolan Q&A

Christopher is an actor who has appeared in TV and Film as well Theatre in the West End and on Broadway.

Christopher appeared in 'Rogue One : A Star Wars Story' playing the credited role of 'Alderaanian Guard', who escapes Darth Vader with the Death Star plans and commands the launch of the Tantive IV in the film's climatic finale. Star Wars Rogue One: A Junior Novel gave Chris's character the name 'Toshma Jefkin'. The writer, Matt Forbeck, was given permission to choose a character to name after his friend Jeff Mackintosh who died last year of cancer and he chose Chris's.

Other recent TV & Film appearances include: 'The King','White Gold - season 2' 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man', 'Humans', 'Titanic - Birth of a Legend' and the BBC's supernatural version of 'Macbeth' alongside Patrick Stewart.

Prior to this, Christopher had a career behind the camera working as a Set Dresser in many Hollywood films including 'Pulp Fiction', 'The Usual Suspects', as well as the horror classic film series 'Candyman', 'Amityville' and 'Halloween'.

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