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Assembly Organizing Oy

Assembly Organizing is a community of over 200 volunteers who passionately arrange the unique Assembly events in Finland since 1992.

Assembly events are digital culture festivals, most known for being massive LAN parties where gaming, demo-scene and other forms of computer, digital and nerdy entertainment come together. People take part in Assembly by coming to the party with their own computers, or just joining the crowd on-site or online through various live streams. In the heart of Assembly events is a team of over 200 dedicated volunteers who make the magic happen and keep the show going. The foundation is built on Assembly Organizing, a Finnish non-profit company founded in 1995.

At GameXpo 2018 Assembly is organizing a standalone esports tournament. It's simple and straightforward for the audience as we are producing a single show, all happening on the main stage. We are proud to present the best Finnish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams competing for the enormous prize purse of €20,000 over the course of Friday and Saturday, November 2-3, 2018.